wäre ich neidisch müsste ich sagen, dass bernstein der beste pianist unter den dirigenten ist, der beste dirigent unter den komponisten und der beste komponist unter den dirigenten (rubinstein)

the greatest pianist among the conductors, the greatest condutor among composers, the greatest composer among pianist. (rubinstein)

unfortunately the composer was unable to carry out bernstein’s intentions. (bonmot)

karajan heats the music up, bernstein sets it on fire (löbl)

karajan erhitzt die musik, bernstein zündet sie an (löbl)

bernstein is lifting the iron curtain in music (medvedev)

with bernstein i’ve never felt so close to the aestetic thruth (pasternak)

to achieve great things, two things are needed; a plan–and not enough time (Lenny)

to be a success as a broadway composer, you must be jewish or gay ; i’m both (Lenny)

any asshole can write a tone-raw. it takes a composer to write a tune (Lenny)

ecco un americano che vien a dare lezione musicale a noi della vecchia europa (paul VI)

bernstein is the only conductor who has the ability, the authority and the musical sex appeal to surpass you-know-who (wechsberg)

conducting is like making love to hundred people at the same time (Lenny)

life without music is unthinkable (Lenny)

music can name the unnameable and communicate the unknowable (Lenny)

if military strength is a nation’s right are, culture its left, closer to its hearth (Lenny)

i am no longer quite sure what the question is, but i do know the answer is yes (Lenny)

in bernsteins konzerte gehen die leute auch, wenn er der schlechteste dirigent der welt wäre (toscanini)

was er musikalisch tut ist richtig, auch wenns es falsch ist (ned rorem)

bernstein kann was er macht, andere machen was sie können (schonberg, ny times)

bernstein hated richard wagner, but on his bended knees (lb)

there is a secret relationship between bernstein’s and mozart’s soul: perhaps you know it (stockhausen)

cut down in the prime of the youth… (epiloge by Lenny)

what’s this ? (last words…)


"randel stirboneen" on the town "lyrics by …."

"real fun" --- funeral

bernstein <> niesterb’n