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1918-08-25 born as Louis (Leonard) Bernstein; son of Sam & Jeannie.
1928-08-25 received a piano from Aunt Clara and took lessons with Frieda Karp.
1932-10-22 started piano lessons with Helen Coates.
1932-05-22 experienced his first concert with the Boston POP's and the "BOLERO".
1934-05-14 1st appearance as a concert pianist with Grieg's "Piano Concerto"; 1st movement.
1937-11-14 made the acquaintance of Aaron Copland on his birthday.
1939-06-22 graduated from Harvard "cum laude in musica".
1941 January 1st studio recording as a pianist with Diamond's "Prelude & Fugue #3".
1941-05-03 received diploma from the Curtis Institute with the note "A" by Fritz Reiner.
1941-07-11 1st performance as a conductor with the Boston POP's and "Meistersinger".
1943-11-14 debut with the NY Phil. at Carnegie Hall in NYC.
1944-01-28 premier of his 1st symphony "Jeremiah" in Pittsburgh with J. Tourel.
1944-04-18 premiere of his ballet "Fancy Free" at the Metropolitan Opera House.
1944-12-28 "On the Town" has its premiere at the Adelphi Theater on Broadway.
1945-10-08 started a 3-year career as head of the "NYC Symphony Orchestra".
1947-04-27 1. Short tour with the Palestine Philharmonic Orchestra in Israel.
1948-05-10 concerts with 17 survivors of the holocaust.
1948-11-20 concert in Beersheba for Israeli independence with the IPO.
1949-10-12 1st performance on TV with the BSO at Carnegie Hall in New York.
1951-01-08 started a tour with the IPO through the USA.
1951-09-09 he married Felicia Montealegre-Cohn in Boston.
1953-12-10 debut at the Milan Scala with M. Callas and Cherubini's "Medea".
1954-09-28 the film "On the Waterfront" by E. Kazan with music by Bernstein.
1954-11-14 start of the tv-series "Omnibus" with Beethoven's 5th symphony.
1956-12-01 premiere of his operetta "Candide" at the Martin Beck Theater in NYC.
1957-08-19 pre-premiere of his "West Side Story" in Washington (DC).
1957-10-02 opening concert with the IPO at the Mann Auditorium in Tel Aviv.
1957-11-19 appointment as chief music director of the NY Phil.
1958-04-29 start of a big South American tour with the NY Phil.
1959-08-05 big European tour with the NY Phil. (meeting with B. Pasternak).
1959-11-24 his first book "the Joy of Music" is published by Simon & Schuster-Verlag.
1960-08-02 received a star on the "Walk of Fame" in Los Angeles.
1960-08-10 1st big USA tour with the New Yorkers and concert in West Berlin.
1961-01-19 premiere of "Fanfare for J.F.K." at the inaugural gala in Washington.
1963-11-24 memorial concert for J.F.K. with Mahler's 2. (CBS national-live).
1964-03-06 premiere at the Met with Verdi's "Falstaff"; staging by F. Zeffirelli.
1965-03-24 participated in the march of the American civil rights movement.
1966-03-14 debut at the Vienna State Opera with Verdi's "Falstaff"; Director: L. Visconti.
1967-07-09 historic concert with Isaac Stern on Mount Scopus near Jerusalem.
1968-01-21 host of "Broadway 4 peace" with B. Streisand at the Lincoln Center.
1968-06-08 conducted the memorial service for R. Kennedy in St. Patrick's Cathedral.
1969-05-17 conducted his last concert with the NY Phil .; became a Laureate Conductor.
1971-09-08 opening of the Kennedy Center in Washington (D.C.) with his "Mass".
1971-12-15 conducted his 1000th concert with the new yorker Phil.
1973-01-19 conducted a "Peace Concert" in the Washington Cathedral as a protest.
1973-10-09 lectures at Harvard University; "Music-the open question".
1974-05-16 premiere of his "Dybbuk" ballet at the State Theater in New York City.
1976-05-23 big bicentennial tour through Europe + the USA with the New Yorkers.
1977-01-19 premiere of two songs from "songfest" at the inauguration of J. Carter.
1978-01-29 worldwide tv-broadcast of "Fidelio" at the State Opera with the WPO.
1979-10-04 conducted the Berlin Philharmonic once with Mahler's 9th in Berlin.
1980-09-25 premiere of "Divertimento" in Boston with his assistant S. Ozawa.
1980-12-07 received Kennedy Center honour; lifetime of contribution to American culture.
1981-05-27 premiere of "Halil" with J.-P. Rampal (solo-flute) and the IPO in Tel Aviv.
1981-06-23 conducted his own works in the Vatican in honour of Pope John Paul II.
1983-04-30 conducted an AIDS benefit concert in Ringling Brothers Circus in Madison Square.
1983-12-31 gave a speech on nuclear disarmament at St. John the Divine in NYC.
1984-08-04 conducted the NY Phil. in Central Park in front of more than 200,000 listeners.
1984-09-07 within 4 days, a studio recording of West Side Story was made in NYC.
1985-02-26 received the "Grammy Award" for his life's work.
1985-08-01 toured with the European Youth Orchestra, among others in Hiroshima, Japan.
1986-04-10 synchronous premiere of "A Quiet Place" in Vienna, Milan and Washington.
1988-07-26 played concerts with the Schleswig-Holstein Festival Orchestra, among others in Moscow.
1989-04-24 premiere of the Jubilee Games (aka "Concerto for Orchestra") with the IPO.
1989-11-15 refused the national medal of arts due to cuts in AIDS aid.
1989-01-13 presented and conducted his "Candide" at the Baribican Centre in London.
1989-12-23 conducted div. orchester with Beethoven's 9th on the occasion of the fall of the Berlin Wall.
1990-08-19 his last concert (Beethoven's 7th) with the BSO in Tanglewood, MA.
1990-10-14 passed away at his apartment at Dakota-house in NYC.
1990-10-16 burial at Green Cementary in Brooklyn, New York.
2001-06-12 the US Post honours Bernstein with a 34 cent stamp.
2018-01-28 his cd-box "the composer" received a grammy (best historical album).

NY Phil. = New York Philharmonic
BSO = Boston Symphony Orchestra
IPO = Israel Philharmonic Orchestra
NYC = New York city
WPO = Vienna Philharmonic
date = yyyy-mm-dd (year-month-day)

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